I’m Markus Blettinger, a coach and educator that helps others navigate the initiation of suffering into soul-centred living. I am a certified psycho-spiritual integration coach who can help you navigate your own spiritual awakening by guiding a framework to a process that allows you to slow down to the ‘speed of soul’ in order to step into that which is calling you.

I’ve worked over 15,000 hours of coaching in the field of human optimization and helped others utilize holistic methods to overcome pain, increasing movement capacity and enhancing multiple other aspects of health. I am passionate about guiding those who feel called to deepen their relationship with nature and apply the fundamental principles to align their own life.

I am inspired by helping others find meaning at the end of their life and assisting those who are witnessing a loved one in their final chapter. I’ve been trained as a death doula and sacred deathcare facilitator to help guide the process of meeting death well.

I experienced a near death experience in my 20s that started my process of deep soul development. I underwent a series of initiatory processes that lead me into a more whole, soul-centred, human being that had a higher capacity to love, accept, nurture and provide security – within myself, my relationships & my experience of life.

I have been a devoted student of this path for over a decade and am deeply immersed in helping you create a strong emotional, physical and spiritual container that can sustain integrity and embrace the intensity of the present moment.

If my journey resonates, I encourage you to walk a part of your path with me.

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