Navigating plant medicines, walking a loved one home or integrating holistic health, is better with a guide.
I'd love to walk this part of your journey with you.


Whether you are looking for support walking the plant medicine path in order to heal from past experiences, find yourself in the energy of end of life/caring for a loved one or you are ready to elevate your health through the way you engage with nature, Universoul Integration can support you on your journey and help you access a deeper depth within yourself. 


Plant Medicine Integration

Integration is where we bring our lives to the level of what was seen in ceremony. By far the most important aspect of ensuring a transformational experience. The medicines show us the top of the mountain. Integration is the process of elevating our lives up to the mountain top following the experience. Coaching allows for you to make sense of everything that happened and be guided through a process of preparing for, acting on, and mastering the necessary shifts to deepen your life and uncover the expression of your soul. These spaces are vast! A coach in this process allows you to find the deeper clarity, meaning and application of your experience.

Sacred Deathcare

Death is our last great teaching. Whether you are caring for someone and learning, or you yourself are facing the final chapter of life and have the opportunity to teach, the
ripples that are created by death’s energy are ample reasons to learn how to meet death well. It is so very often overlooked and hidden from, that we lose out on the possibilities of endless connection to soul and the beauty within life. Coaching can help alleviate the death phobia that most have when approaching this chapter and unlock the meaning of your life or the life of the ones you find yourself walking home. It is one of the most powerful initiations we all face – embrace the responsibility to do it well, we all depend on it.

Holistic Health

Walking the path often invites us to become aware of the similarities within us and nature around us. This sparks interest in how to align ourselves in similar orientations as the rest of the natural world. Learn how to use light, water, natural electromagnetic fields, sleep, the breath, paleobiological movement, and quantum physics to optimize the vessel in which you experience this world; your body. Gain tools to decrease stress, create space, understand physical pain and discomfort using the gifts that our mother earth has provided for us – the way nature intended. Become more in tune with the vehicle that allows for the experience of your life. If you struggle to find comfort within your body on a day to day basis, this avenue is for you. 

Soul Work

The experience of rapidly seeing and feeling the world through new lenses can be highly destabilizing and take time to come together. Whether from a recent plant medicine experience or a “big bang” moment in your life. Without guidance we are often left floating in the void between who we once were and who we are yet to become. We can feel as if no one understands us and have little to anchor ourselves. Coaching can provide support and guidance in establishing a new understanding of ourselves and how we want to show up in the world. It can assist you while you learn to slow down to the speed of soul. You are ready for this shift, that is why it is happening. A nurturing space & guidance is pivotal  for the process to unfold as intentionally as is available to us. 

Integration Coaching Packages

*Each coaching session is 60-75 minutes in duration – scheduled upon purchase – charged in USD*

Introductory Coaching Packages

Transformational Coaching Packages

Holistic Health Consulting

Before You Decide, Let’s Talk & See If We Are A Fit


Markus is one of the safest people I’ve ever spoken with. He offers a sense of receptivity and compassion that allowed me to feel completely heard and held. Markus was able to tune into what I needed in each moment of a session. He delivered reflections in the way I receive them best. - AT
I have never had something shift so immediately outside of medicine work even with my years of ceremony experience. Markus is the perfect energy; truth telling with loads of compassion. I couldn't be happier! - K.M
Markus has provided the most valuable conversations I’ve ever been involved in. I was able to show up for my own death in a way that I could never have if it wasn't for his guidance. I have immense gratitude for Markus and his service! - JP
I highly recommend working with Markus! [He] is skilled at walking that line: providing the appropriate amount of insight and context while allowing you the space to "connect the dots" in your own life experiences. It has been truly life-changing! - M.K.